Volume 10, Issue 2 (2018) Media Literacy, Fake News & Democracy

Media Literacy, Fake News & Democracy

Guest Editors

Jeremy Stoddard, College of William & Mary

Daniel G. Krutka, University of North Texas

Lance E. Mason, Indiana University Kokomo

A Special Issue of the Journal of Media Literacy Education



Media Literacy, Democracy, and the Challenge of Fake News
Lance E. Mason, Dan Krutka, and Jeremy Stoddard

Research Articles


Media Literacy and Climate Change in a Post-Truth Society
James S. Damico, Mark Baildon, and Alexandra Panos


The Complexity of Learning to Teach News Media in Social Studies Education
Mardi Schmeichel, Jim Garrett, Rachel Ranschaert, Joseph McAnulty, Shannon Thompson, Sonia Janis, Christopher Clark, Stephanie Yagata, and Briana Bivens


Voices from the Field

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