Peer review is an integral part of the scholarly publishing process. By registering as a reviewer, you are supporting the academic community by providing constructive feedback on new research, helping to ensure both the quality and integrity of published work in your field. Once registered, you may be asked to undertake reviews of scholarly articles that match your research interests. Reviewers always have the option to decline an invitation to review. We take care not to overburden our reviewers with excessive requests.


You should not accept a review assignment if you have a potential conflict of interest, including:

  • Prior or current collaborations with the author(s)
  • Direct competition with the author(s)
  • History of antipathy for the author(s)
  • Financial profit from the publication.

Please inform the Editors or Journal staff and recuse yourself if you feel that you are unable to offer an impartial review.

When submitting your review, you must indicate whether or not you have any conflict of interest.

Please access the Google Form and answer all required questions and submit your application. Your application will be assessed and if accepted, we will notify you and add you to our reviewer system. You will then have to create a login Bepress account.