DEADLINE for self-nominations: November 30, 2018

Editors of the Journal of Media Literacy Education are welcoming applications for an Editor. After 10 years of service, Founding JMLE Editor Renee Hobbs is stepping down from the position in September of 2019. Applications from interested scholars and practitioners are welcome. The position holds a three-year renewable term beginning Summer 2019 - Summer 2022.

At the current time, the JMLE publishes 2 or 3 issues annually in the Spring, Fall and Winter. JMLE editors work with authors and reviewers to ensure high-quality scholarship to advance new knowledge in the field. Editors volunteer their time as a form of national-level service, as there is no paid support staff for journal activities. The editorial process includes the following activities, which are completed by JMLE editors. Editors encourage authors to submit research, accounts of practice or book and media reviews to the JMLE using the BePress Digital Commons system The paper is assigned to an editor, who reads the paper and decides who in the field is in the best position to evaluate the authors’ methods, data and conclusions. After reviews have been completed, editors render their opinion on the paper’s theoretical and technical merits and suitability to for publication in JMLE, using evidence from reviews to decide whether to accept, modify or reject the submitted work. Editors support new authors by offering guidance for the revision process and when a paper is accepted, editors convert it into a publishable form, and post it on the web. The editor then uses social media to inform potential readers about the articles in the issue.

Although the JMLE is the official publication of the National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE), editors maintain editorial independence from the leadership and board of the membership organization. NAMLE leaders do not participate in editorial decision making although regular dialogue and coordination between editors and the executive director occurs at least annually. The JMLE uses the BePress journal publishing system. The journal’s Editorial Board is primarily advisory in nature; this self-nominated group is invited to assist in recruiting new manuscripts and providing annual regular service in reviewing manuscripts.

The deadline for submission of nominations is November 30, 2018. To submit an application, please send a letter of interest to the current editors, Renee Hobbs and Paul Mihailidis, describing any relevant qualifications and experience. Please include a current CV and a writing sample. Email: hobbs@uri.edu, pmihailidis@gmail.com

Editorial Board Members

Dr. Erica Weintraub Austin, Ph.D.,Washington State University, United States

Dr. Beau Basel Beaudoin, Ph.D., Columbia College Chicago, United States

Dr. Ravi Bheemaiah Krishnan, Ph.D., Bangalore University, India

Sarah Bordac, Brown University, United States

Dr. Kelly Chandler-Olcott, Ed.D., Syracuse University, United States

Dr Michael Luigi Dezuanni, Ph.D., Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Vanessa Domine, Ph.D., Montclair State University, United States

Subhash Dhuliya, Ph.D., Indira Gandhi National Open University, India

Dr. Gary R. Edgerton, Ph.D., Butler University, United States

Damiano Felini, Ed.D., University of Parma, Italy

Dr. Rebecca Herr-Stephenson, Ph.D., Joan Ganz Cooney Center, United States

Amy Petersen Jensen, Ph.D., Founding Co-Editor, JMLE, Brigham Young University, United States

Dr. Tzu-Bin Lin, Ph.D., National Taiwan Normal University.

Dr. Nichole Pinkard, Ph.D., DePaul University, United States

Dr. Bruce E. Pinkleton, Ph.D., Washington State University, United States

Dr. Rebecca Reynolds, Ph.D., Rutgers University, United States

Faith Rogow, Ph.D., Insighters Educational Consulting, United States

Erica Rosenthal, USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, United States

Dr. Joyce K. Valenza, Ph.D., United States

Dr. Phyllis Zrzavy, Ph.D., Franklin Pierce University, United States