Volume 3, Issue 2 (2011)

Special issue on the occasion of the World Summit on Children and Media (Karlstad, Sweden, June 2010)

This issue was jointly created by two journals devoted to media literacy education: the US Journal of Media Literacy Education (sponsored by the National Association for Media Literacy Education) and the Italian Media Education: Studi, Ricerche, Buone pratiche (sponsored by MED – Associazione italiana per l'educazione ai media e alla comunicazione). On the occasion a joint Board of Editors was established. Editors wish to thank Maria Ranieri (University of Florence, Italy), who kindly served as Peer Reviewer, and also Erickson Publishing (Italy). Media Education. Studi, Ricerche, Buone pratiche is on-line at the URL: http://riviste.erickson.it/med. Special thanks go to the World Summit on Children and Media Foundation and to Per Lundgren, the conference organizer. We are also grateful to Ulla Carlsson, Cecilia von Feilitzen and Catharina Bucht of NORDICOM who organized a Research Forum at the World Summit and published the book, New Questions, New Insights, New Approaches: Contributions to the Research Forum at the World Summit on Media for Children and Youth 2010 (Gothenburg, 2011).

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Book/Media Reviews

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Gianna Cappello, University of Palermo, Italy
Damiano Felini, University of Parma, Italy
Book Review Editor
Renee Hobbs, Temple University, Philadelphia PA, USA