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The effects of marketization on Chile and the broader Andean Region are profound and systemic. Key indicators reveal trends toward economic growth, improved social conditions, and sustainable development. The marketization of the Andean Region, however, is a complex and evolving process. We report on recent developments, which necessitate some reflection on trends and prognoses. In particular, while marketization has led to better education, increased social mobility, and enhanced well-being, one of the most important challenges facing countries in the region is ensuring that the benefits of marketization are shared equitably among all members of society. Priorities include further improvements in access to education and other social services for those who have been traditionally marginalized, and creating systemic changes to enhance sustainable development. Inclusive, collaborative, and pragmatic leadership by catalytic institutions, that transcend political posturing, is paramount going forward, and will require constructive engagement with all stakeholders of the region.

Author Bio

Cristian Sepulveda has a background in Industrial Engineering and holds a Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of Wyoming. He is currently an Assistant professor of Marketing at Fort Lewis College. His research focus is on sustainable development.

Clifford Shultz is Professor and Kellstadt Chair of Marketing at Loyola University Chicago. His primary research focus is marketing and policy to affect sustainable peace, prosperity and well-being; he has over 250 scholarly publications, including books, journal articles, chapters and conference proceedings. Cliff served two terms as Editor for the Journal of Macromarketing, as President of the International Society of Marketing and Development and as President of the Macromarketing Society. He currently serves on several editorial and policy boards. Professional distinctions include two endowed professorships, research grants and fellowships, Fulbright appointments, best article awards, and commendations for outstanding research, teaching and service. Cliff has been invited to conduct research and to counsel universities, government agencies, NGOs and businesses on six continents. He holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University.

Mark Peterson received his PhD in Marketing from Georgia Tech. He is currently Professor of Marketing and Sustainable Business Practices at the University of Wyoming. He is author of the SAGE Publications book Sustainable Marketing: A Holistic Approach.

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