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In this moment the way of understanding the role of design is considerably different from the past. This commentary provides the issues and possibilities of "design thinking" from the viewpoint of GK Dynamics, which has long been engaged in design focusing on mobility through pondering about “design thinking" and how we are going to utilize it in business.

The word "design thinking" has penetrated society and has been utilized in many scenes in companies and organizations, however various positive and negative opinions of its effectiveness exist. The interpretation of "design thinking" is diverse; some may believe it is "a way to solve problems using designers' thinking methods." The designer should already possess the ability in the first place. Also, one portion of the total solution does not have great value independently.

Within a project, designers are required to have the ability to participate in the respective role of finding problems as a "design thinker," presenting solutions as "practical designers," and considering benefits as "users" in a timely manner. It is only now that the solution process as “design thinking” has been known widely, and whole society has recognized the importance and benefits of design, determining again the essence as "what to do" for various problems with human’s own imagination is getting significant.

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Takehiko Yogo is an Executive Director of GK Dynamics Inc., Japan. He graduated from Tama Art University with a degree in Graphic Design and started his career in 1990, and resided in Bangkok (2006-2010). Especially he has been engaged in extensive design relative to mobility to provide a valuable life style for the people.

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