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Rapidly expanding virtual goods markets and virtual economy are thriving worldwide in general, and in China in particular. This paper reviews the growth of virtual goods markets in China and builds a historical narrative of the rapidly changing (or dynamic) and persistently unchanged (or relatively static) aspects of reality in China that condition virtuality and virtual goods markets. The review and historical analysis provide a perspective of a larger place – a total reality – where the virtuality and virtual goods markets exist, along with the physical aspects, and suggest that virtual goods marketers need to pay more attention to China’s unique environmental context when designing marketing strategy.

Author Bio

Mann (Michael) Zhang is Assistant Professor of Marketing at Eastern New Mexico University and currently serves as editorial board member of Journal of Business Research. Dr. Zhang’s research is in the areas of international marketing, cross-cultural consumer research, e-business, and leisure consumption. His work has appeared in Psychology & Marketing, Journal of Gambling Studies, Journal of Global Fashion Marketing, and International Journal of China Marketing.

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