Markets, Globalization & Development Review


Globalization, technological advancements, advent of the internet, near-universal availability of mobile phones and changing consumer preferences have led to a boom in the electrical and electronics industry. Such products are now available in almost all countries of the world. The increased availability and consumption of electronic products have also led to rapid rise in the volumes of electronic waste (e-waste) globally. Markets have traditionally not paid sufficient attention to post-consumption behavior for electronic products and hence safe disposal and management of e-waste has always remained a critical issue. There are significant sustainability issues related with e-waste at local as well as at global levels which call for increased attention of governments, businesses, and societies. This paper reflects on the sustainability aspects of e-waste and resulting global challenges. It also reviews the sustainability related issues due to e-waste from different approaches and offers discussion on the relevant policy implications.

Author Bio

Bipul Kumar is Assistant Professor in Marketing Area at Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Indore. His current research focuses on sustainability, business-to-business marketing and consumer behavior. He is recipient of research grant from IIM Indore to conduct collaborative research with University of Delaware. He is currently the associate editor of Journal of Global Marketing and is also on the editorial review board of Journal of Business Research.

Kalyan Bhaskar is a faculty in Business Sustainability Area at Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Lucknow. His research focuses on the role of government policies and policy instruments for management of electronic waste and bioenergy in India. He has worked on environment and sustainability projects for UNEP and various Ministries of Indian Government. A recipient of several awards and scholarships, he was selected as a Leader of Tomorrow at the 42nd University of St. Gallen Symposium in 2012.