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The purpose of this viewpoint paper is to motivate a program of research on late globalization, a program that could eventually lead to one or more significant theories of late globalization. The paper explores the phenomenon of late globalization as well as the idea of “late” by drawing on sparse literature on late globalization from sociocultural and economic perspectives. It illustrates in a vignette the character and features of late globalization observable in the withdrawal from foreign locations or de-internationalization of universities, as late globalizing entities. The paper discusses the range of constructs around the core idea of late globalization, generating questions for future work in a late globalization research program.

Author Bio

Romeo V. Turcan is Associate Professor in the Department of Business Studies at Aalborg University. His main research interests relate to cross-disciplinary organisation theory building, legitimation of new sectors and new ventures, international entrepreneurship, and de-internationalisation. Romeo founded and co-coordinates the Theory Building Research Programme (TBRP) and the PhD course on theorising and theory building in management research. Romeo has business experience in the NGO, power, oil, military high-tech, and management consulting sectors. Romeo received his PhD and MSc from the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and the Marketing Department, both at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland; and his first degree diploma of mechanical engineer from the Air Force Engineering Military Academy, Riga, Latvia.

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