Publications from the Harrington School of Communication and Media Writing and Rhetoric faculty at the University of Rhode Island.


Submissions from 2018


The Fallacies of Open: Participatory Design, Infrastructuring, and the Pursuit of Radical Possibility, Stephanie West-Puckett, Anna Smith, Christina Cantrill, and Mia Zamora

Submissions from 2016


Berkelely Redux: Imagination as Ethical Power in Shelley's "Mont Blanc", Daniel E. Lees


Remix as Professional Learning: Educators' Iterative Literacy Practice in CLMOOC, Anna Smith, Stephanie West-Puckett, Christina Cantrill, and Mia Zamora

Submissions from 2015


Manager Perspectives on Communication and Public Engagement in Ecological Restoration Project Success, Caroline Gottschalk Druschke and Kristen C. Hychka


An Examination of Growing Trends in Land Tenure and Conservation Practice Adoption: Results from a Farmer Survey in Iowa, Sarah Varble, Silvia Secchi, and Caroline Gottschalk Druschke

Submissions from 2013


Writing With(out) Pain: Computing Injuries and the Role of the Body in Writing Activity, Kim Hensley Owens and Derek van Ittersum

Submissions from 2011


Mothers' Ways of Making It—or Making Do?: Making (Over) Academic Lives in Rhetoric and Composition with Children, Kim Hensley Owens, Christine Peters Cucciarre, Deborah E. Morris, Lee Nickoson, and Mary P. Sheridan