Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Pharmacy



First Advisor

James C. Price


The effects of granule density and bulk density on tablet weight, weight variation, and tablet density were determined for tablets compressed on a Colton Model 216, rotary tablet press. Hardness, thickness, and disintegration times were also determined for the tablets produced. Standardized granulations were made from lactose and mixtures of lactose and bismuth subcarbonate, with gelatin as a binder. Granule density and bulk density of the granulations were varied by changing the concentrations of bismuth aubcarbonate in the formula. All tablets were made at a fixed rate of tableting using standardized settings of the fill, pressure, and overload adjustments. The interrelationship between granule density and bulk density was found to be almost linear, as was also the relationship between granule density, bulk density, and tablet weight.