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Cohen, Steven




Pandemic, Children's Book, Coping Skills

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Creative Commons License
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Life as we now know it has drastically changed since March 2020. Over 60 million people throughout the world have been infected with COVID-19. Unfortunately, over a million have died from the virus in a short period of time. The last pandemic occurred in 1918, many years before most of us were born. Since the pandemic is a health crisis most generations have never experienced, adults and children alike are learning to cope simultaneously. It is difficult to teach children coping mechanisms during these chaotic and unfamiliar times. Family members can’t set positive examples if their coping techniques are inconsistent. Healthcare professionals, teachers, and parents are just learning to correctly handle and navigate these circumstances. Due to school closures, children have been forced to learn at home via the computer. Their social contacts are very limited or nonexistent. Widespread media reporting has exposed worldwide economic, physical, and emotional devastation. We are living in an unpredictable time and I can’t imagine how confused and scared children are.

“The World on Pause” is a children’s book designed to help children stay safe, physically healthy, and emotionally supported during the pandemic. Although children may not be interacting with others outside of their families, they shouldn’t feel isolated from their peers and extended family members. Children need to know they are not alone. Every child is experiencing this trauma in one way or another. The aim of this book is to educate children on the global pandemic and encourage them to make healthy decisions. The book explains the concept of the pandemic, teaches ways to prevent becoming ill, and provides information on how to manage emotions. The story is meant to be read with a parent in order to facilitate a conversation. I hope my book helps children and parents cope with their stress.