Art History

Second Major





Quick, Kathy

Advisor Department

Art & Art History




Contemporary Art, Politics, Satire, Art History, Donald Trump, Painting


This project explores the ways in which recent politics in America has inspired contemporary artists to engage in the current political climate and use art as a means of expressing political ideals. Art has been, and always will be, used as one of the ways artists express opinions and ideas. Art engages individuals in visual dialogue, creating conversations between the artist and viewer. It has the power to influence and inspire viewers, directing them towards new ideas and opinions as well as new perspectives on social and political issues. Throughout the history of art, politics and social issues have inspired artists in the creation of their visual languages. This project analyzes the way political art throughout history has influenced Contemporary artists and examines some of the political and satirical art that was created in recent years (2015-2017) in response to the election of President Donald Trump and the emerging political climate in America. It looks at the ways art is influenced by politics and how contemporary artists became engaged in the political conversation. Some of the artists featured in the paper and exhibit, like Illma Gore, use non-conventional media, like blood as paint, to evoke an even stronger and more visceral reaction. Each of the artists featured in this project, want to prod their viewers, provoking them, educating them and polarizing them at the same time. Each of their pieces are visceral, some more than others, and all of them make an important statement about the socio-politics of our time.