Textiles, Fashion Merchandising, and Design


Elizabeth Bentley

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Textile, Fashion Merchandising and Design




Fashion Design; Patternmaking; Draping; Textiles

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Creative Commons License
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Fashion has been a part of the world since the beginning of time and will continue to advance. From the Victorian Era and cage crinoline skirts, to contemporary time and casual clothing, styles have come and gone. As a textiles, fashion merchandising and design major, my goal is to continue this process that allows people to de ne themselves every day. is lead to the project: Designing Towards a Dream.

Designing Towards a Dream was created to advance my skills in the design aspect of fashion. During the rst semester research was completed to investigate the relationship between women and clothing over di erent time periods. We live in a patriarchal world where women are suppressed and men have the upper hand, which has been ‘tradition’ since the 1800’s. Today feminism is a topic of major importance and my clothing line was created to allow women to express themselves freely.

A line of six elegant, expressive women designs is coming to life. By using skills in patternmaking, draping, and production, the garments are in the process of being created and the skills needed are being strengthened. e process includes continual corrections and research to perfect the silhouette choices, and it is a positive learning experience. is project allows me to independently illustrate my own line of clothing, create my own patterns, sew the items together, and successfully exhibit my collection in the URI Spring Splash Fashion Show.