Two-dimensional unoccupied electronic band structure of clean Cu(110) and (1 × 2) Na/Cu(110)

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Using the technique of angle-resolved inverse photoemission, we have measured the dispersion of an unoccupied Cu(110) surface state for the clean Cu(110) surface and for the (1 × 2) reconstructed Na/Cu(110) surface along the Γ-Y and Y-S symmetry lines. The dispersion of the crystal-induced surface state of clean Cu(110) at 2.05 eV above the Fermi energy at the Y point of the SBZ is free-electron-like with an effective mass of (1.0 ± 0.2)me at the Y point, which is in good agreement with other experimental results as well as a theoretical calculation. This surface state shifts to 2.5 eV above the Fermi energy for the (1 × 2) phase of Na/Cu(110) with a coverage of 0.25 ML, and the dispersion along the Γ-Y direction is considerably reduced compared to the clean surface. On the other hand, the dispersion of this state for (1 × 2) Na/Cu(110) (0.25 ML) along the Y-S direction is close to that of clean Cu(110). We account for these results within a missing-row picture of the Na-induced reconstruction. © 1994.

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Surface Science