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Recent low-temperature inelastic neutron scattering data on the quasi-one-dimensional (1D) Heisenberg-Ising antiferromagnet (AFM) CsCoCl3 call for new theoretical efforts, for the available theories fail to explain the observed line shapes. In this paper we initiate a detailed study of the dynamical properties of the 1D spin-½ anisotropic XYZ AFM with emphasis on the dynamic structure factor Sμμ(q,ω) at T = 0. The structure of Sμμ(q,ω) is determined by the combined effects of the density of states and the matrix elements. Both effects are discussed for selected cases: the XY-Heisenberg AFM (planar system), the Heisenberg-Ising AFM (uniaxial system), and the XY-Ising AFM (biaxial system). The exact solution for Szz(q,ω) of the XY-Ising AFM has already many features in common with the experimental data on CsCoCl3. It is an ideal starting point for a perturbation approach to the Heisenberg-Ising AFM.

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