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The Online Journal for Global Engineering Education (OJGEE) serves as a unique peer-reviewed research outlet for the cross-disciplinary and corporate constituencies involved in creating, maintaining, and growing global engineering education programs. An outgrowth of the annual Colloquium on International Engineering Education, the Online Journal for Global Engineering Education provides an academic forum to exchange ideas, find like-minded thinkers and researchers, foster new collaborations, and explore new facets of global engineering education. The Online Journal strives to disseminate pertinent research to academics and professionals interested in the field of global engineering education. Please note that OJGEE does not publish technical articles.

Current Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1 (2016)


Case Study


Using Concept Mapping to Investigate Engineering Students' Global Workforce Perceptions
Scott C. Streiner, Anita Vila-Parrish, and Priscilla Lunsford