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This free, colorful, interactive, and evidence-based PDF is designed to support online or in-person education about asthma, with formatting that is smartphone friendly. The patient teaching guide covers key content of asthma self-management education in 15 single-page "mini-modules." Help your patients to understand what really asthma is, how uncontrolled asthma scars the lungs, different types of asthma medications, and how to use them correctly. Also includes a customizable action plan and a patient friendly asthma attack algorithm. Text it, email it, fill it in and make it your own! English Version. References: Mammen JR, Rhee H, Atis S, Grape A. Changes in asthma self-management knowledge in inner city adolescents following developmentally sensitive self-management training. Patient Education & Counseling 2018;101:687-95. Mammen JR, Java JJ, Halterman J, et al. Development and preliminary results of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR)-integrated smartphone telemedicine program to deliver asthma care remotely. J Telemed Telecare 2019;0:1-14 Mammen JR, Schoonmaker JD, Java JJ, et al. Going mobile with primary care: Smartphone-telemedicine for asthma management in young urban adults (TEAMS). . Journal of Asthma 2020;0. PLEASE NOTE: This form does not work in Safari and may be corrupted by Safari download. Please use Google Chrome or other browser to access and download.