Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Mathematical Sciences


Computer Science


Computer Science and Statistics

First Advisor

Lisa DiPippo


Many Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), distributed embedded real-time (DRE) applications like military command and control, time critical planning collaboration, and wireless embedded sensor networks, require shared data among various components of the system to be available within stringent deadlines for processing and for making critical decisions on time. In order for these decisions to be correct in accordance with the current situation, the data received and processed must be valid. These applications need a data distribution mechanism that can deliver valid data in a specified time. The goal of this work was to develop such a mechanism. We approached it in the following way. First, since a better understanding of the problems involved in real-time data distribution leads to a better solution, we, by grouping characteristics of different systems that require real-time data distribution, defined the data distribution problem space taxonomy. Then, we targeted specific subspaces (static and dynamic systems) in the real-time data distribution problem space and worked on our solutions for them. The solutions we provided include a theoretical base, data models and algorithms for computation of distribution deadlines to ensure data validity in both static and dynamic environment, and the actual data delivery mechanism Timely Data Distribution Service (TDDS).



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