Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering


Chemical Engineering

First Advisor

Otto Gregory


Next generation gas turbine engines and hypersonic vehicles are designed and built with ceramic materials due to their superior thermomechanical properties compared to metal alloys that are traditionally used. The structural integrity of these ceramic components are determined via models but temperature, heat-flux and mechanical strain sensors have to be developed specifically for these materials to validate these models. The main requirements for these sensors are that they be able to withstand elevated temperatures, have low surface profiles to not disturb gas flow or impose drag and have minimal mass to not affect any vibrational modes of the components which they are mounted on. In this dissertation thermocouples, and resistance temperature detectors capable of operating past 1000°C have been developed for the measurement of temperature. Heat flux sensors which employ unique layouts have also been developed which are highly sensitive to heat flux and without the need of additional dielectric layers.

Available for download on Monday, January 19, 2026