Date of Award


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Doctor of Philosophy in Education



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M. Shane Tutwiler


Results indicate that classical schools tend to value and emphasize coredisciplines such as English Language Arts and mathematics as well as Latin. Nearly half the schools in the study reported use of the Core Knowledge Sequence to deliver core content. Curricular goals and overall purpose appear to vary by school, but classical schools across the affiliation groups in this study prioritize character formation, articulate expression, and a disposition toward truth, goodness, and beauty. Approximately half of the classical schools in the sample report use of the trivium to and consider it a model for cognitive development. An emphasis on learning activities relating to memorization, discussion, and debate emerged from the descriptions, as well. The sampled schools did not emphasize approaches to curricular access or interdisciplinary coherence. Ultimately, these schools did share elements of curricular knowledge, purpose, and methods, despite maintaining relationships with larger classical organizations possessing different perspectives and priorities. However, they varied in terms of emphasis on some curricular elements depending on affiliation. The data did not support the classification of Paideia schools as classical institutions.



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