Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration


Operations and Supply Chain Management


Business Administration

First Advisor

Douglas N. Hales


Study 1

Blockchain technology (BT) in the supply chain/logistics has drawn much attention. Several benefits associated with the technology include cost-saving, sustainability enhancement, and economic viability. However, there are limited BT performance measurement models. The topic of the BT performance in supply chain management (SCM) is scattered across multiple disciplines. This study identifies different dimensions of BT performance and supports SCM managers to understand the systematic and holistic assessment of BT performance.

Study 2

The specific features of blockchain provide promise in managing supply chain risks. Given the growing research scrutiny in blockchain-based supply risk management, the development of a reliable and valid instrument to measure supply chain risk management is imperative. Nonetheless, no systematic research has been done to develop such an instrument. This study employs a comprehensive and rigorous procedure to develop a multifaceted measurement scale through an empirical analysis. We defined and operationalized the concept of blockchain-based supply chain risk management followed by validation and item measurement development.

Study 3

The supply chain management field is experimenting with the integration of blockchain, a cutting-edge and highly disruptive technology. However, blockchain research in supply chain risk is still nascent, especially the relationship between blockchain adoption and its impact on both risk management performance and supply chain competency. We aim to investigate the potential influence of BT-based security management in mediating the effects of blockchain adoption on both risk management performance and firm performance. We plan to administer a survey to review the opinions and views of supply chain practitioners.

Available for download on Monday, July 01, 2024