Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy in Behavioral Science



First Advisor

Nicole H. Weiss


Exposure to childhood trauma is associated with numerous adverse psychological, physical, and behavioral health consequences. This highlight childhood trauma as a major public health problem. Addressing important gaps in the existing research, the proposed study clarifies the bidirectional and unique prospective associations between childhood trauma and both negative and positive emotion-driven impulsivity. This study utilized a sample of 11,872 participants from the ABCD study and conducted Cross Lagged Panel Models to evaluate the bisectional associations between childhood trauma and positive and negative emotion-driven impulsivity. Findings showed that earlier childhood trauma was associated with higher levels of later negative and positive emotion-driven impulsivity; this association was comparable for both positive and negative emotion-driven impulsivity. Further, higher levels of earlier positive, but not negative, emotion-driven impulsivity was associated with later childhood trauma. Finally, the strength of the relationship between childhood trauma and emotion-driven impulsivity did not differ by gender. Results of this study have important implications for future research and treatment aimed at preventing and treating childhood trauma.



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