Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy in Education



First Advisor

Peter Adamy


The research explored the perceptions of effective communication with parents in suburban and urban school districts from the perspective of the school principals. To achieve this purpose, the study was guided by five research questions: 1) What are the principals’ perceptions of effective communication with parents?; What are principals’ perceptions of effective strategies of school-home communication?; How does a principal’s perception of effective communication influence the strategies implemented to communicate with parents?; How does the cultural context of a school setting affect principals’ perceptions of school-home communication?; and What are the barriers that may obstruct effective communication between principals and families? The data was collected from interviews and the archive. Interviews were conducted with five principals, one assistant superintendent, and three superintendents. The interviews were transcribed and analyzed. This data identified themes and categories of communication implemented in each school district. These themes and categories helped identify the similarities and dissimilarities of communication strategies and methods utilized by the principals. The study provided an explicit outline of an effective school-home communication system established on clear definitions and specific goals. The data also identified a set of effective communication strategies, methods, barriers, and ways to overcome such barriers. The findings will be useful in understanding the convergence and divergence of the principals’ perceptions from the two different types of school districts regarding effective school-home communication. Finally, the study presented a new insight of school principals regarding the lack of parental engagement in high schools.



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