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Natural Resources Science


Monitoring of changing lake and wetland environments has long been among the primary focus of scientific investigation, technology innovation, management practice, and decision-making analysis. Floodpath lakes and wetlands are the lakes and associated wetlands affected by seasonal variations of water level and water surface area. Floodpath lakes and wetlands are, in particular, sensitive to natural and anthropogenic impacts, such as climate change, human-induced intervention on hydrological regimes, and land use and land cover change. Rapid developments of remote sensing science and technologies, provide immense opportunities and capacities to improve our understanding of the changing lake and wetland environments. This special issue on Remote Sensing of Floodpath Lakes and Wetlands comprise featured articles reporting the latest innovative research and reflects the advancement in remote sensing applications on the theme topic. In this editorial paper, we review research developments using state-of-the-art remote sensing technologies for monitoring dynamics of floodpath lakes and wetlands; discuss challenges of remote sensing in inventory, monitoring, management, and governance of floodpath lakes and wetlands; and summarize the highlights of the articles published in this special issue.

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