Study on Polarized Spectral Characteristics of Soil with Different Water Content

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Moisture is one of the important parameters in soil polarized spectrum. It has great significance in soil remote sensing band selection and image interpretation; it also provides the information for soil investigation and analysis on physical and chemical properties. In this paper we tested and analyzed the soil polarized spectrum with different moisture in 350 ~ 2,500 nm wavelength, to study on the relationship between soil polarized spectral data and moisture, to determine the spectral response and changes in soil moisture, and establish models between spectral data and soil moisture. We also designed a orthogonal test on the various factors that affect soil polarized spectral characteristics, in which we studied soil moisture, polarized angle, detected angle and azimuth of the various factors and their interactions. The results showed it was most significant that the soil moisture and the interaction of soil moisture and polarized angle, followed by the interaction effect of detected angle and moisture, while the polarized angle had a little impact on the soil polarized spectrum.

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Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing