Bibliometric Analysis of Coastal and Marine Tourism Research from 1990 to 2020

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Coastal and marine tourism (CMT) has become a growing and important subsector of the tourism industry in recent years. To identify the state of and trends in the field, a bibliometric analysis of CMT was conducted to evaluate global productivity over the past 31 years (1990-2020). All relevant publications in the analysis were extracted from the Web of Science Core Collection database. As a result, the review found that the identified 6190 documents showed an upward trend during this time period. The most productive and influential countries, institutions, and authors were also identified in this analysis, and the distribution of subject categories and journals was analyzed. VOSviewer was used to analyze the coauthorships among countries, institutions, and authors. Based on an analysis of the high-frequency keyword co-occurrence network, four major CMT research topics were identified: (1) the sustainable development of CMT, (2) the impact of CMT on destinations, (3) CMT management and conservation, and (4) the impact of climate change on CMT. This analysis can help reveal and determine the research focus and trends in the CMT field.

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Journal of Coastal Research