Soil Organic Matter

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This chapter discusses soil organic matter. Organic matter is universal to all soils. The form and distribution of soil organic matter is dependent upon a number of processes that may act independently or in concert. Most of these processes are related to the initial decomposition of the plant residues by a suite of soil fauna, and to the continued decomposition, transport and accumulation of the by-products. Descriptions of the forms, distribution and genesis of organic components in soils can range from quite simple to extremely complex. Micromorphological approaches to such descriptions are comparably varied. The most important issues that are faced are related to the effects of land-use change, global warming, pollution and invasive species on the soil environment. Because soil organic matter is the most dynamic of the soil components, effects of changing soil environment are often recorded first in the quality and distribution of organic matter. © 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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Interpretation of Micromorphological Features of Soils and Regoliths