Redoximorphic Features

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Redoximorphic features have been referred to by various terms over the past decades. The terminology used to describe redoximorphic features is derived from sedimentary petrology and soil micromorphology. Redoximorphic features are common in most soils where water saturation occurs and their presence is used extensively in making land use decisions. Although redoximorphic features are visible in the field with both the naked eye and a hand lens, micromorphological analysis can further enhance our understanding of how these features form and how to interpret them correctly. These interpretations are best made when supportive information such as water table and climatic data are available, but they can to a large extent be based on extensive micromorphological data correlating redoximorphic pedofeatures to environmental conditions. © 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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Interpretation of Micromorphological Features of Soils and Regoliths