Tracking non-native vertebrate species: Indicator design for the United States of America

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Basic information on the distribution, spread and impacts of non-native species in the USA is not available to those who shape national environmental policy. Although the USA spends billions of dollars annually on introduced species research, monitoring and control efforts, only a limited number of government agencies or private institutions are able to provide definitive reports on more than a handful of these species at a national scale. Research on invasive species is only of marginal practical value if the information cannot be succinctly and effectively transmitted to those who determine the management policies, budgets and objectives. To remedy this situation, a national-scale approach for monitoring established non-native species has been developed under the auspices of the Heinz Center as part of 'The State of the Nation's Ecosystems' project. This paper specifically describes the strategies for reporting on indicators for non-native vertebrate species developed through inputs by experts from academia, industry, environmental organisations and government. © CSIRO 2008.

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Wildlife Research