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Natural Resources Science


Riparian zone is crucial to the health of streams and their surrounding environment. A healthy riparian zone can provide food, habitats, protecting water quality and many other ecological functions and environmental benefits. Evaluating riparian quality is essential to achieve and maintain good stream health, as well as to guarantee the ecological functions that riparian areas provide. In this study, we addressed the consistency of characterizing integrality of ecosystem of a riparian zone in Northeast China with physical structural integrality (PSI) and ecosystem service value (ESV), and explored the relationship between the PSI and ESV. The procedures included (1) evaluation of PSI of the riparian zone based on remote sensing; (2) calculation of the riparian ESV based on basic evaluation units (BEUs); (3) exploration of statistical relationships between the PSI and the ESV by the performance of linear regression. The study concluded that the trend of PSI was the same as the ESV, and they were consistent in describing the quantitative trend of the riparian zone’s ecosystem integrity. There was statistically significant correlation (R = 0.66, P < 0.01 level) between PSI and ESV.

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