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Natural Resources Science


The development of remote sensing platforms and sensors and improvement in science and technology provide crucial support for the monitoring and management of protected areas. This paper presents an analysis of research publications, from a bibliometric perspective, on the remote sensing of protected areas. This analysis is focused on the period from 1991 to 2018. For data, a total of 4546 academic publications were retrieved from the Web of Science database. The VOSviewer software was adopted to evaluate the co-authorships among countries and institutions, as well as the co-occurrences of author keywords. The results indicate an increasing trend of annual publications in the remote sensing of protected areas. This analysis reveals the major topical subjects, leading countries, and most influential institutions around the world that have conducted relevant research in scientific publications; this study also reveals the journals that include the most publications, and the collaborative patterns related to the remote sensing of protected areas. Landsat, MODIS, and LiDAR are among the most commonly used satellites and sensors. Research topics related to protected area monitoring are mainly concentrated on change detection, biodiversity conservation, and climate change impact. This analysis can help researchers and scholars better understand the intellectual structure of the field and identify the future research directions.

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