Integrating “talk abroad” into an intermediate foreign language course: Building learner autonomy and engagement through video conversations with native speakers

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This study examined the efficacy and best practices in integrating a video-synchronous computer mediated communication tool “Talk Abroad” (TA) into an intermediate foreign language course. Students completed four TA projects, four immediate written reflections and an end-of-semester exit questionnaire. Quantitative analysis of students’ performance in the first and fourth conversations revealed that students have made significant increases in oral proficiency, especially in the area of accuracy and fluency. Qualitative analysis of learner written reflections demonstrated high affective gains despite different degrees in linguistic development. Through the pedagogical cycle of in-class instruction, TA practice, and immediate written reflections, students showed increasing autonomy in linguistic development and self-regulated learning strategies. All students reported that they were more engaged and willing to challenge themselves by the end of the study.

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Teaching Language and Teaching Literature in Virtual Environments