Date of Award


Degree Type

Capstone Project

First Advisor

Bahram Nassersharif


Team Stand Strong has been given the task to design a plastic modular pump stand by Amtrol. The team is responsible for the design and testing of the stand. The final design report shows the steps taken by the team to prove the feasibility of the created design concept as well as build, test and redesign to achieve a final design. After research, brainstorming, and creating key criteria the team began designing possible solutions. Research conducted on competition and support from professors and sponsors guide the team.

The team works through multiple design processes to obtain a plastic modular pump stand. Team Stand Strong used Solidworks for 3D modeling and FEA to create several prototypes. Using the combined skills from each team member, the prototypes were refined and improved upon. The fastening solution and pump stand saw several different iterations before arriving at the final design.

Team Stand Strong finished the first semester with a small scale prototype and FEA to prove the design concept. The team utilizes another set of tools given to them in order for the project to continue progressing in the right direction. The first semester design of the pump stand met design specification requirements which stemmed from the QFD. As the first semester came to a close Team Stand Strong prepared for spring semesters challenges and hurdles.

During the second semester the team dealt with failing concepts and constantly changing designs. The fastening solution was the hardest part of project. After earlier complications with the fastening solution from the first semester the team created a new solution and the pump has changed to fit this. The current stand meets the design specification set by Amtrol and the team. FEA is used to proved that the stand can actually work in the real world due to build complications. The team is con dent in the design and know that it exceeds the expectations set by ourselves and by Amtrol.


Sponsor: Amtrol

Sponsor Representative: Michael Cogliati