Development of an integrated expert system for kinematic design of mechanisms - applications

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The papers Theory-1 and Theory-2 describe the basic concepts and implementation details of various moduli of the automated system. This paper, Applications, compares the results produced by the automated system with those produced by the manual method, and also discusses the significance of additional mechanisms which are obtained, over and above the mechanisms produced by the manual method. This paper discusses two specific problems of Kinematic Design of mechanisms. These are: 1) Design of a Mechanical Hand by P. Datseris and W. Palm (1984). 2) Design of a Variable Stroke Piston Engine by F. Freudenstein and E.R. Maki (1983). Both problems were solved by the respective authors using principles of graph theory and separation of structure from function. However, the process of design in both cases was completely manual.

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American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Design Engineering Division (Publication) DE





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