Asymptotic behavior of a discrete-time density-dependent SI epidemic model with constant recruitment

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We use the epidemic threshold parameter, R, and invariant rectangles to investigate the global asymptotic behavior of solutions of the density-dependent discrete-time SI epidemic model where the variables Sn and In represent the populations of susceptibles and infectives at time n= 0 , 1 , … , respectively. The model features constant survival “probabilities” of susceptible and infective individuals and the constant recruitment per the unit time interval [n, n+ 1] into the susceptible class. We compute the basic reproductive number, R, and use it to prove that independent of positive initial population sizes, R< 1 implies the unique disease-free equilibrium is globally stable and the infective population goes extinct. However, the unique endemic equilibrium is globally stable and the infective population persists whenever R> 1 and the constant survival probability of susceptible is either less than or equal than 1/3 or the constant recruitment is large enough.

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Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing