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Major Paper

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Master of Arts in Marine Affairs


This paper will develop a conceptual Use/Resource model which may be of use in analyzing coastal zone conflicts. The use/Resource model will be applied to provide an outline for a cooperative enrichment plan for Western Aquidneck Island, Rhode Island. Future studies of Western Aquidneck Island or other coastal communities may be able to use the model to quantify the level of Use/Resource cooperation. Heuristic application of the Model along Western Aquidneck may highlight the level of conflict or cooperation in working towards an enrichment plan. The focus of the enrichment plan will be to improve the quality of life in the western coastal zone of the Island by properly balancing use and preservation of the coastal resources. The paper will focus on six key natural resources found on this island. These resources are; biodiversity, fish (benthic and pelagic), water quality, water space, wetlands, and land. The beneficial relationships which have recently been made possible through the enactment of federal legislation intended to speed and smooth the post cold war transition from a military to civilian focused industrial economy will be examined. The National goals of reducing military infrastructure will be compared with the State and local goals for boosting the Aquidneck Island economy.