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This document is based on 2 M.S. theses of former graduate students of Professor Emeritus James Yoder: S. A. Freeman (2001) and M. N. McFarland (2001), Section 1 and Section 2, respectively. Dr. Yoder made some edits and some deletions to both theses and also moved some of their material into Section 3, which also includes some of his own analyses and modeling. The purpose of this document is to merge closely related data and analyses into a single document and then to expand on the original conclusions with some additional calculations. The merged document thus tells a more complete story about the bio-optical measurements in Narragansett Bay that were made by Freeman and McFarland in 1999 and 2000. These were the first bio-optical measurements made in the Bay with modern equipment and may prove in the future be an important data set to help determine changes that may have occurred (be occurring). References cited were not updated from the original theses, which means that the Discussion does not compare the results with more recent studies.