The deep drifter program.

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An intrument for studies of subsurface and deep ocean currents which employs the ARGOS system to determine the pop-up point of the drifter at the end of its mission is described. The instrument is 2m long and weighs 12kg. The entire electronics package including the quad-helix antenna fits inside a standard 7.5cm ID glass pipe, which provides the flotation. In situ pressure and temperature information is collected with a CMOS microprocessor for later broadcast to ARGOS at the surface. The RF link at the surface is very reliable; even in heavy weather 50% of the transmissions are received correctly. Two subsurface tests were conducted successfully in the Gulf Stream: 7 days at 400m and 5 days at 1700m. -from STAR, 23(14), 1985

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Data collection and platform location by satellite: ARGOS users' conference, Annapolis, December 1982, (Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales, Toulouse)

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