GIS-based analytical modeling on evaluating impacts of urbanization in Amman water resources, Jordan

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Amman governorate is the largest governorate in terms of population and urbanization in Jordan that is the third most water-scarce country worldwide. It has also limited water resources that were rapidly decreasing as results of groundwater over-pumping and climate changes that generate a serious water crisis. However, the population and urbanization focused on the Northwest of the governorate. The surface water and groundwater resources are available in the Northwest area as well. The overlaying between urbanization and population on one hand and water resources on the other hand resulted in different environmental, hydrological, and hydrogeological problems. Our research investigated these problems using an integrated approach of remote sensing and geographic information systems. Furthermore, our research suggested a spatial plan that would solve the conflict of urbanization's impact on water resources in Amman. Accordingly, the catchment areas that span on the study area and their drainage network were defined.

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Environmental Earth Sciences