Dynamic path planning for autonomous driving on various roads with avoidance of static and moving obstacles

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This paper presents a real-time dynamic path planning method for autonomous driving that avoids both static and moving obstacles. The proposed path planning method determines not only an optimal path, but also the appropriate acceleration and speed for a vehicle. In this method, we first construct a center line from a set of predefined waypoints, which are usually obtained from a lane-level map. A series of path candidates are generated by the arc length and offset to the center line in the s-ρ coordinate system. Then, all of these candidates are converted into Cartesian coordinates. The optimal path is selected considering the total cost of static safety, comfortability, and dynamic safety; meanwhile, the appropriate acceleration and speed for the optimal path are also identified. Various types of roads, including single-lane roads and multi-lane roads with static and moving obstacles, are designed to test the proposed method. The simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method, and indicate its wide practical application to autonomous driving.

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Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing