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This paper details a number of challenges and opportunities for today’s learners when reading for information on the Internet. After defining online reading comprehension from a new literacies perspective and how it appears to be different than offline reading comprehension, I highlight details about four of the biggest challenges for today’s learners. These include 1) understanding and becoming proficient with the new literacy skills and practices needed for online research; 2) developing a special kind of digital wisdom that focuses on learning how to learn with the Internet; 3) taking on new roles in a digital culture that expects learners to actively participate and contribute with new knowledge as a member of their community; and 4) developing positive attitudes toward using the Internet for academic work. The second part of the paper shares examples of how skilled online readers can use the steps of online inquiry to think more deeply about topics that interest them; develop a personal voice as they share ideas with others; and work collaboratively to build meaning and new digital products that enable them to make a difference in their world, or matter. You can explore the research and resources from this presentation in more depth at <>.

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