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This draft of the article was contributed before publication in the book World Voice: Telling Tales.

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Companies today are seeking to tie data into everything from hiring and firing decisions, to strategic planning, to market positioning IT policies, and they are monitoring the feedback to those actions. I believe that the information economy has already become a global race and an industry that is rarely understood or talked about today in America for the general populous. I believe the future holds many opportunities for open source projects. Within ten to twenty years individuals will search through their environment in a manner similar to how they search via the web today. Cognitive computing will rapidly advance how we utilize our technology and situational and scenario based field trainings will become a regular part of entertainment and educational opportunities. There will be a boom for subject matter experts and social scientists as they create ethnography, situational assessments, and greater collaboration between industries and disciplines which will make relating to devices and each other a better experience. I believe that as we enter into a global environment and an increasingly connected society, strategic planning will be needed to advance in an increasingly competitive environment. Educational institutions and corporations have under estimated the value of E-learning and we can already see the offerings in E-learning skyrocket globally. Community Learning Networks are progressively being relied upon and, as technology advances, community groups will become a more significant part of our lives as advocators for knowledge and cultural community competencies.


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