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Civil and Environmental Engineering


Use of phase change materials (PCMs) to tailor the thermal performance of concretes by efficient energy storage and transmission has gained traction in recent years. This study incorporates microencapsulated PCMs as sand-replacement in concrete bridge decks and performs numerical simulation involving multiple interactive length scales to elucidate the influence of PCM-incorporation in concretes subjected to combined freeze-thaw and chloride ingress-induced deterioration. The simulations show significant increase in durability against combined freeze-thaw and chloride ingress-induced deterioration in concretes when microencapsulated PCMs are incorporated. In addition, a reliability-based probabilistic analysis shows significant increase in life expectancy of bridge decks with PCM-incorporation. The numerical approach presented here provides efficient means to develop design strategies to tune dosage and transition temperature of PCMs to maximize durability of concrete structures in regions that experience significant winter weather conditions.