The impact of life cycle on the value relevance of financial performance measures

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The components of earnings or cash flows have different implications for the assessment of the firm's value. We extend the research for valuerelevant fundamentals to examine which financial performance measures convey more information to help investors evaluate the performance and value for firms in different life cycle stages in the high-tech industry. Six financial performance measures are utilized to explain the difference between market value and book value. Cross-sectional data from firms in Taiwanese information electronics industry are used. We find all the six performance measures which are taken from Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement are important value indicators but the relative degrees of value relevance of various performance measures are different across the firm's life cycle stages. The empirical results support that capital markets react to various financial performance measures in different life cycle stages and are reflected on the stock price. Copyright © 2010 by Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

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Advances in Business and Management Forecasting