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Management Science


We examine a common problem is biological analytics and surveillance in health care. These methods can improve greatly the process of monitoring health data to assess changes in the likelihood of Pandemics and disease incidence in a world where medical knowledge is still largely in an embryonic period. Based on an illustration, we suggest that multivariate exponential moving-average (MEWMA) control charts are suitable in many cases where detection and inspection of several or more variables over a lengthy period of testing provide for the best analysis of data leading to pre-­diagnostic and diagnostic therapy. Though these methods came from the control of quality and continuous improvement in lean manufacturing and service operations, these methods are useful if not a vital application in the analysis of health care and therapeutic data. The indications from this study corroborate earlier findings by others that MEWMA methods fit the diagnostic activity under study. Unfortunately Pandemic Analysis is using oversimplified techniques in analyzing data secure by diagnostic tests which can easily be improved especially in the use modern day analytics based on quality control methods used in other disciplines.

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