Specific protein synthesis in cellular differentiation. VI. Temporal expression of chorion gene families in Bombyx mori strain C108

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Detailed patterns of expression for putative members of 5 major chorion gene families have been obtained by separating labeled proteins using two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Proteins fall into 4 temporal cohorts called early, early middle, middle, and late on the basis of when they initiate and terminate synthesis. Proteins synthesized during the early, early middle, and late periods are highly synchronous, exhibiting abrupt onset times and relatively uniform termination times. Middle proteins begin synthesis in small groups at staggered times over a relatively long period, but most cease translation as the late proteins turn on. This data is correlated with a previous follicle staging system based on separation of newly synthesized chorion proteins by isoelectric focusing alone. The absolute timing of choriogenesis was determined in vivo, using trypan blue dye to mark vitellogenic follicles. The relative age difference between chorionating follicles was 2.2-2.6 hr; chorion biosynthesis took 4 days in all. These data are discussed in terms of patterns of activity of chorion gene families, the functions of the temporal cohorts, and regulation of the chorion multigene system. © 1986.

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Developmental Biology