Author Name Change Policy

Any author with content in DigitalCommons@URI may notify us of a name change at any time, for any reason, by emailing . In the email, please include:

  1. Name(s) currently listed on your content in DigitalCommons@URI
  2. Complete list of items you would like changed, with a link to each item
  3. The name you would like to be displayed

If we have the ability and authority to edit the original document, we will change the author’s name in both the descriptive information and the item PDF. While we keep internal records of all content revisions for archival purposes, we will not notify co-authors or publicize the change in any way.

In cases where we hold copies of published journal articles in the repository, we will upload a revised version once received from the journal.

Please note that this policy excludes name changes on theses and dissertations, which must be handled through the URI Graduate School.