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Annual ACRL academic library statistics for FY2010 compiled by Michael C. Vocino.

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The main document posted here is a report generated from the online subscription service ACRLMetrics. The report contains FY2010 data as submitted by the University of Rhode Island Libraries for the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) 2009-2010 statistical survey. It also provides additional metrics calculated by ACRL. Several files are included as supplemental content: "ACRL academic library survey -- URI FY2010 data.xlsx," the report (above) in spreadsheet format; "2010 ACRL data entry printout - URI.pdf," a printout of URI's final FY2010 data as entered in the ACRL Web-based form; "ACRL Statistics Questionnaire 2009-10 Instructions.pdf;" "ACRL Statistics FAQ September 28, 2010.pdf;" "FY2010 ACRL Vocino handwritten form.pdf;" and "Andree's 2011 ACRL response (FY09-10).pdf."

ACRL academic library survey -- URI FY2010 data.xlsx (19 kB)
URI ACRL FY2010 data in Excel format

2010 ACRL data entry printout - URI.pdf (862 kB)
Printout of data as entered in ACRL Web form

ACRL Statistics 2009-10 Worksheet.pdf (39 kB)
Blank ACRL data worksheet

ACRL Statistics Questionnaire 2009-10 Instructions.pdf (41 kB)
ACRL questionnaire instructions

ACRL Statistics FAQ September 28, 2010.pdf (115 kB)
ACRL questionnaire FAQ

FY2010 ACRL Vocino handwritten form.pdf (3352 kB)
Vocino handwritten worksheet

Andree's 2011 ACRL response (FY09-10).pdf (443 kB)
Rathemacher response, final