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This report lists the total amounts invoiced to the University of Rhode Island Libraries by the bibliographic utility OCLC during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2017.

Costs are broken down by invoice date and category and include all library locations (RIN, RIU, and RIX).

We pay two fixed monthly fees for each location: one for cataloging (FIX9832) and one for interlibrary loan (FIX9836). Note that for FY2017, the former third fixed monthly fee for access (FIX6600) was eliminated and absorbed into the fixed fees for cataloging and interlibrary loan. This accounts for part of the increase in fixed cataloging and interlibrary loan fees when compared to the prior fiscal year.

Note that ILLIAD is also a new subscription for FY2017, increasing total OCLC expenditures.

Total OCLC expenditures for FY17 were $85,136.14. Following is a breakdown of selected OCLC expenditures.

Total OCLC Billings by branch:

RIU — $77,414.51

RIN — $6,019.30

RIX — $1,702.33

Total OCLC Billings by function:

Cataloging — $46,347.96

Interlibrary Loan — $26,303.05

ILLIAD — $9,312.74

EZproxy — $3,172.39

Total OCLC Billings by function by branch:


Cataloging — $42,566.64

Interlibrary Loan — $22,362.74

ILLIAD — $9,312.74

EZproxy — $3,172.39


Cataloging — $3,009.12

Interlibrary Loan — $3,010.18


Cataloging — $772.20

Interlibrary Loan — $930.13

OCLC expenses FY2017.xlsx (21 kB)
OCLC expenses FY17 Excel format